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oakley kwon

Promethean polymath

/prəˈmiːθɪən/ /ˈpɒlɪmaθ/
A daringly original person with wide interests, knowledge and learning.


The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. From being a refugee, to developing legislation, to producing radio programs and films, to leading digital innovation teams, to helping people heal through Reiki, to designing homes and making clothes, to running bakeries and ice cream shops, I’ve tried it all, and am all the richer for each experience. With a bit of luck and lot of courage, let’s forge the way ahead and face the unknown together.

Actor, Producer, Director

I trained through NIDA as an actor and star as Diane Tran in the SBS miniseries, Hungry Ghosts, which was nominated for an AACTA award in 2020. I am the Director of the Asian Food and Film festival in Brisbane, Australia.


I entertain you in the films and television shows that I appear in, and the festivals that I run. I also advocate for more inclusive media to promote better representation in film, television and radio.

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Digital tech executive

I have been leading teams delivering tech innovation for close to 10 years across the healthcare, legal, transportation, and publishing sectors.


COVID-19 has shown us that more than ever, digital technology is vital not only for our economy, but is part of our very social fabric. Digital technology and social media allowed us to stay connected to our friends, and family, and to continue to work while we were in lock down. Digital transformation is no longer a nice thing to have, but is essential to ensuring a safe, healthy and connected community.


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Fashion designer

I have been sewing garments since the age of 10, and I am completing my qualifications in fashion design through the Billy Blue School of Fashion Design.


My vision is to create an exclusive label that plays with the concept of couture, whilst staying true to the essence of what makes couture so special. Quality, beauty, style, detail, one of a kind. All this while also being sustainable.

Interior designer

I have been designing and building beautiful, functional spaces since 2016. I am completing my qualifications in interior design through the Interior Design Institute.


Every space has a heartbeat of its own. Good design requires us to learn and understand what makes a space tick, from how light fills the space, to how the air flows through it, to how people move within and around the space, to the exterior surroundings of the space, the neighbourhood, the personality and style of the people who use the space, to the purpose and function of the space.

Healing Grandmaster

 I am a Grandmaster Energy Healer, and Reiki Master, trained in the Ashati system of healing. I have used Ashati and Reiki to help myself reverse the impacts of trauma that I experienced as a ‘boat person’ escaping the conflict in Vietnam.


Research into the children of survivors of the holocaust reveal that trauma can change our epigenetics, which can then be passed down to the next generation. Further research into therapies such as MDR has shown positive results in treating the neurological impacts of trauma. Ashati is yet another modality that assists in treating and reversing changes to epigentics caused by trauma, either lived or inherited.